Dental EMR | How it works | Easy to Set Up Endodontic Dental Software That's Available On Any Device and Free from Risky and Expensive Servers
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Easy Setup & No Headaches.

With Dental EMR's secure, cloud based endodontic dental practice management software, your patient data is available on any Internet connected device and requires minimal physical set-up, no expensive server IT consultants, no backups, no server upgrades, and no server equipment or specially secured environment. So you can focus on your business and dentistry, instead of wasting your time and money on a server.

Get going in just a few steps.

We make it easy for you to get going with Dental EMR so you can get your workflow simplified in as short a time as possible. And we'll be there every step of the way.

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We help you determine the Dental EMR services and configuration right for your practice then get you signed up in a simple, scheduled 15 minute consultation with our friendly sales representative.

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We then help you get started by adding your practice and creating your first Dental EMR users.

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We also work with you to set up integrated e-claims, e-prescriptions, e-payments, and e-insurance eligibility prior to training.

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We then train you and your staff in how to configure and use Dental EMR. We provide subsequent training for you when you hire new staff or we add new functionality.

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If you need website or marketing services, we partner with Webblox, a premier, full-service marketing and website company to provide very cost effective website services tightly integrated with Dental EMR. Webblox will consult with you to learn what makes you unique and craft a web presence that best represents you and your practice, optimized for how you wish to be found, and integrated with Dental EMR's referral and other services.

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When you run into questions or problems using Dental EMR, we are easily reachable from right within our application or email or phone.

We're committed to increasing your productivity and making you successful.

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Free your practice to thrive.